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Depollier Waterproof Watch

The shipment of books have ARRIVED!

"The Inconvenient Truth about the World's First Waterproof Watch"

The Story of Charles Depollier and his Waterproof Trench Watches of the Great War"

Below is the 2nd video I assisted Waltham Watches with for their new 

Waltham "Field & Marine" Watch and overall Waltham history. 

I'm the narrator and project historical advisor.

Stan Czubernat: Published Author, Waltham Historian, Watchmaker, WWI Waltham & Elgin Trench Watch Expert, Waltham Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof Watch

I'm the proud author of the of WWI trench watch books 

"Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War" (2015) 

"Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War" (2015)

"The Inconvenient Truth about the World's First Waterproof Watch" (2022).


LRF Antique Watches is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us to enhance your antique military watch collection. Look around our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We specialize in WWI Elgin Trench Watches like the "Pershing" and WWI Waltham Trench Watches like the "Depollier" from the Great War but many other brands and styles are available.


Be sure to check out my "Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War" facebook page. It is filled with a wealth of information about WWI American Trench Watches, WWI collectibles, different trench watch dial styles, trench watch shrapnel guards, trench watch case styles, trench watch restorations, military wrist watch, antique watches, Elgin Pershing Trench Watches and a whole lot more.


My stock usually changes on a weekly basis so check back often to view my latest and greatest.

I'm a proud card carrying member of the NAWCC.

"The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors".

Thank you for your time. 


Below is a 1919 WWI Waltham Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof  Watch in the trench warfare complex at the

"Museum of the American GI" located in College Station Texas. This is one of the most coveted American watches ever made. It still has almost all of the US Army required black finish still intact. The technology in this amazing piece of American history is what made all modern dive watches possible, including the screw down crown.

1918 WWI Waltham Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof Watch

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