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Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War, by Stan Czubernat
Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War, by Stan Czubernat
Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War, by Stan Czubernat
Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War, by Stan Czubernat

 "Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War"

Thank you to everybody who purchased a copy 
making this project a incredible success!

My 3rd book
"The Inconvenient Truth about the World's First Waterproof Watch,
the Story of Charles Depollier and his Waterproof Trench Watches of the Great War"
will begin shipping in December 2022.

by Stan Czubernat
ISBN: 9780692468296
Language: English
Dimensions: 11.25" x 8.8" x 1"
Hard cover, 279 pages.
My books about WWI trench watches are EXCELLENT Christmas gifts!
A combination of 542 photos, advertisements, original patent drawings and pamphlets. The informative text tells the story of the Waltham Watch Company wristwatches that accompanied the United States, United Kingdom and Canadian armies into the trenches of Europe during the Great War. Hundreds of different case and dial combinations are covered including some of the rarest case styles ever produced, several that have never been published before. Pricing, rarity, US Army specifications and a brief company history are included. The three generations of Depollier waterproof watch cases with advertising and patent drawings. The Depollier and Waltham relationship is discussed including the influence that Mr. Ezra Fitch had on case design. The RED 12 Dials, the Arabic Dials and the Shadow Box Dials are prominently featured. The Engine Turned cases, the Giant size 6 cases, the Behemoth size 12 cases, the Dennison cases and the "named" Illinois Watch Case Company cases are all featured. Also covered are the crystal guards, case grades per manufacturer and serial number production dates. Waltham Trench Watch movements, from the standard 7 jewel all the way up to the exceptional 19 jewel Riverside Maximus with a solid gold train featuring real Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond jewels. Several step by step Waltham Trench Watch restorations. 16 chapters in all, including one very special chapter featuring the 1917 trench watch pamphlet written by Charles L. Depollier himself. This historical company set the standard for American industry, many of their innovative manufacturing techniques are still used in modern factories around the world today.
I received this book review from Adam R. Harris
Guest Wristwatch Curator at the National Watch & Clock Museum.
Following "hard on the heels" of “Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War” Stan Czubernat has once again written an outstanding horological book, “Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War”. If his Elgin book was among other things the "revelation" on crystal guards, then his Waltham book will go down as the "revelation" on Depollier. Finally "myths and speculation" put to rest. And if that is not exciting enough, Czubernat has uncovered and printed in full the small booklet written by Charles L. Depollier in 1917 called “The Story of The Watch in the Trenches”. Chapters 4, 5, 8 and 12 also brought a wealth of new research and information. It is an “awesome” read, packed full of newly researched discoveries – just as a new book on horology should. This is not a so termed "coffee table book" but a remarkable book for the serious collector and novice alike. All in all - an outstanding read and a "job well done"!
I will of course personally sign each copy of
If you would like the inscription made out to a specific name
please forward this information during checkout. 
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