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American Made Trench Watch Evaluation Service

Trench Watch books by award winning author Stan Czubernat

Considering making a purchase of an American made WWI era trench watch? I'd be happy to evaluate the watch for you. I've written three hardbound books about American made military trench watches and I'm the recipient of the NAWCC Museum Research Award in this field.


I'll give you extremely detailed information about the trench watch from the crown, dial, hands, case, movement, strap and any possible shrapnel guards attached to the watch. I will identify everything about the watch that is correct and and incorrect. Over the past 100+ years many parts on these watches have been changed, just to get them up and running once again. But, having an incorrect crown or mis-matched set of hands on a trench watch can seriously devalue the timepiece. I will NOT put a dollar amount on the watch as the movement performance will not be able to be ascertained through photographs. What you pay for the watch is between you and the seller. I will also evaluate entire collections, contact for pricing.


I will need clear pictures of the case, dial, hands, movement and inside of the case back for a full evaluation. It's better to spend $50.00 on my evaluation services before you make a purchase! You certainly don't want to find out down the road that the watch is worth a fraction of what you paid for it due to incorrect parts that are not original to the timepiece.

I will evaluate American made trench watches from the following manufacturers.

Elgin, Waltham, Depollier, Illinois, Hamilton, Hampden, Ingersoll



Once you purchase my evaluation services please email me the required pictures.


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