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2023 NAWCC Kenneth Roberts - Snowden Taylor Award for 
Horological Research Excellence
I'm extremely honored and proud to announce that I'm the recipient of the 2023 NAWCC Kenneth Roberts - Snowden Taylor Award for Horological Research Excellence, the Research Award is one step above the NAWCC Gibbs Award for Horological Literary Excellence. This was for my body of work and the three books I wrote over several years pertaining to the dawn of the American wristwatch industry during the WWI era. This award is given out by the 10,000 members of the National Watch & Clock Museum, the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors. To receive this award you must be nominated by at least two members, then the 10 member awards selection committee vets your body of work to decide if you are worthy of acknowledgment. I'd like to thank those that wrote letters to the selection committee on my behalf: author Fred Friedberg, Cliff Diamond, Jack Wood, Tony DiBenedetto owner of Waltham Watches, Guido Benedini CEO of Watch Angels, Seth Schwinger & highly respected horological journalist Olivier Muller. It's been an honor serving as historian for Waltham Watches and Watch Angels on their new watch projects, the Waltham Field & Marine, the Waltham Thermo and their latest project the Waltham A-17 Pilot's Watch! I'd also like to thank the members of the selection committee for their votes. I was given the NAWCC Research Award this past weekend at the NAWCC National Convention that was held in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It feels great knowing that my name will be on the walls of the National Watch & Clock Museum along with the highly esteemed recipients of this award that came before me. Thank you to everybody who purchased a copy of my books and the American made WWI trench watches that I've restored over the past 15 years. That is what made this ongoing research possible. I truly feel honored and blessed, I never thought that I'd be a best selling, award winning, author! You will see a 4th book from me in the future so stay tuned!!

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