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The Illinois Watch Case Company Admirals & Generals.
This is the ONLY COMPLETE SET of the 10 IWCCo Admiral & General trench watch cases 
in this series known to exist with the regular crown and offset crown configurations.
The two size 12s watches only came with regular 3 o'clock crown configurations.

WWI Trench Watch Photo Archive

Below you will find and absolutely incredible photo archive of  WWI trench watches that I have

restored over the past 10+ years. Some watches were fully restored and some watches only had

mechanical repairs done to them to preserve originality. 

Click on any image to enlarge.

1917 Behemoth Size 12s 44mm Elgin Admiral Evans Trench Watch
1917 Behemoth Size 12s 44mm Elgin Admiral Benson Trench Watch

I have some absolutely wonderful news to share today! As all of you probably already knew Charles Leon Depollier is my absolute favorite figure from horological history. Charles L. Depollier invented and manufactured the world's first waterproof wrist watch that actually worked back in 1918. It was the iconic Waltham Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof Watch. He also invented the "spring bar" that attaches the watch band to the case that are still vastly used today. Charles Depollier passed away on December 29, 1940 and he was buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn New York next to his wife Elizabeth who passed away in 1931. Six months ago while doing research for my 3rd book about WWI trench watches it came to my attention that Charles & Elizabeth Depollier were resting in an unmarked grave. This did not sit well with me at all! Charles Depollier's horological inventions still echo loudly today. All modern dive watches and waterproof watches today can be traced back to the technology developed by Charles Depollier. 103 years ago tomorrow the very first advertisements were published for the Waltham Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof Watch. The screw down crown, the hermetic case and waterproof crystal technology were all realized by Mr. Depollier. Now you can see why I found it very upsetting that Charles & Elizabeth Depollier were resting in an unmarked grave. This was an oversight that needed to be corrected! I contacted seven people that might be interested in helping me fix this for Charles & Elizabeth. All seven people, without hesitation, donated the funds necessary to help me pay for the Depollier family plot headstone to be engraved with the names of Charles & Elizabeth Depollier. I would like to personally thank them now for their generous financial contributions. Mr. Guido Benedini CEO of Watch Angels in Switzerland, Mr. Antonio DiBenedetto Owner of Waltham Watches, Mr. Fred Friedberg, Mr. William Peoples, Mr. Greg Hart, Mrs. Tiffany Czubernat and one anonymous donor Mr. PV. It was an honor and privilege spearheading this project. Getting this done was not an easy task, we had to jump through the hoops of a permitting process, delays due to Covid, then wait for our contractor to get the engraving job completed. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that Charles & Elizabeth now now resting in a proper grave site. Thanks again to the generous individuals that helped make this happen! If you would like to pay your respects to the Depollier family they are in Section 131, Lot 33516, graves 1- 4 of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Thank you for your incredible contributions to horology Mr. Depollier, your technological advancements will never be forgotten! I recently had the honor of serving as project historical advisor for the NEW Waltham "Field & Marine" Watch currently being manufactured by Waltham Watches & Watch Angels in Switzerland. I'm quite certain Mr. Depollier would approve of the new Waltham "Field & Marine" Watch scheduled for release at the end of August, can't wait to get it on my wrist.

This is the NEW 2021 Waltham "Field & Marine" Watch!
Very proud to have served as historical advisor for this incredible watch project. 
I also narrated the promotional videos for Waltham.

This is the NEW 2023 Waltham "THERMO" Watch!
Very proud to have served as historical advisor for this incredible watch project. 
I also narrated the promotional videos for Waltham.

My latest book, "The Inconvenient Truth about the World's First Waterproof Watch, 
the Story of Charles Depollier and his Waterproof Trench Watches of the Great War".

1919 Waltham Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof Watch
The world's FIRST waterproof wrist watch

This is the NEW 2023 Waltham "THERMO" Watch! 
A modern take on Charles Depollier's MASTERPIECE, the 1919 Waltham Depollier THERMO Waterproof Watch. 
Depollier had not ONE but TWO different waterproof wristwatch references 8 YEARS BEFORE the 1927 Rolex Oyster! 
Depollier did in FACT have the world's first waterproof wristwatch! 
Very proud to have served as historical advisor for this incredible watch project. 

The World's FIRST Waterproof Watch
Waltham Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof Watch

EXTREMELY RARE 14k SOLID GOLD 1916 WWI Waltham Depollier "D-D" Utility Trench Watch.
This version features the removable bottom lug.

Circa 1917 WWI Elgin Trench Watch with 17 Jewels, This is the ONLY 18k SOLID GOLD 
American Made Trench Watch Case Known to Exist!

VERY RARE 1918 WWI Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch Featuring an Enamel Black Star Military Dial, 14k Gold Filled "GIANT" Grade Illinois Case, SWIVEL LUGS, Original Factory Crown, 7 Jewels, Size 3/0s, Correct Set of Hands, Black Leather Strap, 14k SOLID GOLD Buckle.

1918 WWI Elgin Trench Watch, INCREDIBLY RARE Enamel Shadow Box Military Dial, 
Second Hand at the 9 o'clock Position, Fahys Sterling Silver Case, Original Factory Crown.

RARE WWI Waltham Trench Watch featuring the highly sought after 
Mealy Manufacturing "Warrior Crystal Guard", aka the "Lath Guard".

INCREDIBLY RARE Giant 39mm Size 6s WWI Elgin Trench Watch featuring the 
highly coveted Mealy Manufacturing "Cross Crystal Guard".

The WWI Integrated Crystal Guard Trench Watches
These guards are actually part of the case, not an aftermarket attachment.

This is the ONLY size 0s 14k SOLID GOLD WWI Admiral Evans Trench Watch currently known to exist. This incredibly RARE watch features SOLID GOLD Swivel Lugs and the factory original 14k SOLID GOLD crown. 17 jewels with a SOLID GOLD center wheel, SOLID GOLD, jewel chatons and SOLID GOLD balance wheel screws. It even has a 14k SOLID GOLD strap buckle.

WWI Waltham Depollier KHAKI Trench Watch Cases

The WWI RED 12 Elgin & Waltham Trench Watches

The WWI Elgin "STAR DIAL" Series Trench Watches

1919 Illinois Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof Watch. This is the highly coveted U.S. Army ISSUED version featuring the sterling silver case back disk.

The WWI Era Waltham Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof Watch
The World's First Waterproof Watch

The 36mm Semi-Hermetic Dennison WWI Trench Watch Cases

The WWI Trench Watch Shrapnel Guards, Crystal Guards

Original Condition WWI Trench Watches 
Only Mechanical Repairs Have Been Done

More Original Condition WWI Trench Watches
Only Mechanical Repairs Have Been Done

The GIANT Size 6s 38mm - 39mm Waltham & Elgin WWI Trench Watches

Very Special 1918 WWI Illinois Trench Watch, this Officer Had the Names of the French Towns
he Visited During WWI Engraved onto the Watch Case

Extremely Rare BEHEMOTH 44mm - 47mm Size 12s WWI Elgin Trench Watches

EXTREMELY RARE WWI Elgin & Waltham Trench Watches
Only 1-3 Examples of each Trench Watch are Known to Exist

An incredibly RARE 1918 BEHEMOTH Size 12s 43mm WWI Elgin Admiral Benson Trench Watch. This is currently the ONLY example known to exist. It is pictured next to a 31mm size 3/0s Admiral Evans for some scale.

1917 WWI Fortis Aquatic MARK II Trench Watch, Two Piece Nickel Case, BIG 36.8mm Case, Original Factory Crown, 15 Jewels, RED 12 Enamel Shadow Box Military Dial & Skeleton Hands, Original Factory Lume, Antique Leather Strap. An ATTEMPT at an early waterproof wristwatch.

This 1916 WWI Waltham Depollier Trench Watch that still has the original factory KHAKI Strap was originally owned by 2nd Lieutenant Walter Poague. Lt. Poague tragically died on November 6 1918 only 6 days before the Great War ended. He hunted German submarines from the skies off the coast of Spain in the Azores. Lt. Poague was one of the very first US Marine Corps Aviators.

WWI Trench Watch Advertising from 100+ Years Ago

My latest book
"The Inconvenient Truth about the World's First Waterproof Watch"
the Story of Charles Depollier and his Waterproof Trench Watches of the Great War".

This is the biggest LIE ever told in horology!
Sorry Hans Wilsdorf & Rolex but Charles Depollier BEAT YOU BY 8 YEARS
in getting a waterproof wrist watch to market. The Waltham Depollier "Field & Marine" Waterproof Wristwatch
was successfully tested by the U.S. Army Engineering & Research DIvision and by the United States National
Bureau of Standards in 1918. Depollier's watch was certified as WATERPROOF by the United States
government before Rolex moved to Switzerland!

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