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WWI  American made trench watches and wrist watches are truly my passion in life. I'm a self taught watchmaker that is learning more about the trade with every passing day. I consider myself very lucky, I absolutely love what I do for a living! I'm in my shop working to restoring these American treasures six days a week. There is no better feeling in the world than putting one of these watches on my wrist after spending many hours on the mechanical and cosmetic restorations! I can't help but to smile then start in on my next project. I'm not only interested in the watch, I want to know the stories behind the watch. I have done an incredible amount of research over the past 10+ years on these watches, this is absolutely necessary to ensure that everything is time period correct. As you can imagine this is not an easy task, most of the antique military watches I work on are over 100 years old and information can be sporadic at best, that is until my trench watches books were published. My 1st book "Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War" was published in early 2015. Information about the Elgin National Watch Company as well as case manufacturers, Elgin dial designers, watch sizes, hands, date stamped dials, "USA" stamped dials and RED 12 dials are all included. There is a very special chapter of the book focused on the Elgin "Black Star Dial" Trench Watches and "Pershings". My 2nd trench watch book, "Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War", was published in late 2015. It focuses on trench watch cases specific to the Waltham brand like Depollier and Dennison. I'm always on the lookout for American made trench watches that have been sitting in a drawer for 50+ years, so if you have one and you want to sell it please drop me a line. I specialize in Elgin Trench Watches and Waltham Trench Watches from the Great War. But, I also restore the Elgin and Waltham brands into the 1930's. You will also find some Illinois, Hamilton and Hampden being offered for sale upon occasion.

I'm located in Spring, Texas.

Thank you very much for your time!

Stan Czubernat


(LiteRustyFan on the watch forums)


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