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I'm proud to be serving as the Historical Advisor for Waltham Watches since 2020.


I've advised them on the historical aspects of the new Waltham "Field & Marine" Watch project, the


new Waltham "THERMO" Watch project and most recently with the new Waltham Type A-17 Pilot's Watch


 project. They brought me on to ensure the historical information of the original watches is correct. The


DNA of the original iconic watches can certainly be seen on the new models. I tell the story of the


men that originally made these iconic watches, why they were made and the purpose of their designs.


More watch projects are planned with Waltham Watches so stay tuned.


Waltham Watches feature mechanical movements and are made in Mendrisio Switzerland.

The NEW Waltham A-17 Pilot's Watch (2023)

The NEW Waltham "THERMO" Watch (2022)

The NEW Waltham "Field & Marine" Watch (2021)

Stan Czubernat: Historical Advisor for Waltham Watches, Multiple Title Trench Watch Book Author, Watchmaker, Military Watch Dealer.

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