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The Behemoth Size 12s Elgin Admiral Evans Trench Watch

This is the RAREST and MOST desirable American Trench Watch that has ever been manufactured! This is a behemoth size 12s 1917 WWI Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch and it's THE ONLY EXAMPLE KNOWN TO EXIST! Size 12s trench watches were the BIGGEST ever made by the Americans. For the past 8 years I have done a hard target search looking for this trench watch and in August of 2015 one finally surfaced. There are 5 advertisements from the Illinois Watch Case Company out of Elgin, Illinois stating that these behemoth size 12s trench watches were first available in 1917 but until now none have even been documented. I have contacted some of the greatest minds in the antique watch world and nobody has ever seen one of these before. Combined these experts have hundreds of years of experience and all agree that it is in fact genuine. What makes this trench watch so incredibly special is it's size. It simply dwarfs every other Elgin, Waltham or Illinois Trench Watch. Normally when you see an octagon shaped "Admiral Evans" trench watch case it is the regular sized 3/0s and the case measures 31.5mm going across, not including the crown. This behemoth size 12s "Admiral Evans" is about 44% larger than the common sized 3/0s version. This size 12s "Admiral Evans" measures a whopping 43.5mm going across, not including the crown. I photographed a size 3/0s Waltham Admiral Evans next to this size 12s Elgin Admiral Evans so you can see the size difference which is quite substantial. I personally inspected the lugs on this watch case after removing the movement to ensure that the lugs were NOT added after the fact. There were NOT any tool marks and the lugs were installed in the EXACT manner and style that was used by the Illinois Watch case Company, they are genuine. I then did a very through inspection of the crown tube to ensure that it had NOT been shortened after the fact for wrist watch use. Everything on the crown tube is EXACTLY as it should be from the Illinois Watch Case Company factory. I have certified this size 12s "Admiral Evans" case as GENUINE, it is the real deal and is NOT one of those horrible Ukraine Specials that you should avoid like The Plague. The experts that I have consulted with have zero doubt about this watch's authenticity, as do I. IWCCo advertising states that size 12s trench watch cases were available in round and square sizes as well. But, this is the octagon shaped "Admiral Evans" design which in my professional opinion is the most desirable and collectible case shape ever made by ANY American case manufacturer. The fact that one has finally surfaced is almost unbelievable and it's a gold filled version which just puts a cherry on top of it all. This watch was in all likelihood would have been used by a WWI US Army Air Corps Pilot due to it's behemoth size. Pilots wore much larger wrist watches than the infantry soldiers in the trenches. A pilot had to be able to read the time with just a quick glance so a smaller wrist watch simply would not work well for them. Pilots had a lot going on in the cockpit like flying, navigating, manning his machine guns and avoiding being shot down so this larger size 12s wrist watch would be the perfect tool for an aviator. Our Great Grandfather's knew how to make things that would last for generations. The 1917 15 jewel movement was just completely taken apart and serviced on 8-13-2015 and a new mainspring has also been installed. It's in superb running condition and keeping near flawless timing, within just a few seconds per day. Quite remarkable considering that this watch is 98 years old! This watch has been tested on a professional Timegraph 5000 Machine for accuracy so rest assured! Take another look at picture number three again, this movement is clean as a whistle and stunning in it's beauty! This watch is going NOWHERE but up in value down the road! While doing research for my books about American Trench Watches I discovered an amazing document from the Illinois Watch Case Company dating back to 1917 that gives PROPER NAMES to many of their watch cases. This particular watch case model was named the "ADMIRAL EVANS". Robley D. Evans (aka Fighting Bob) served in the United States Navy from Civil War through the Spanish American War achieving the rank of Rear Admiral in 1901. He was Commander in Chief of the Asiatic Fleet and the North Atlantic Fleet. Two US Navy Destroyers were named in his honor (1918 & 1942). So, it makes complete sense that the Illinois Watch Case Company would honor him and name one of their top of the line military watch cases after him. It is VERY RARE to discover "proper" watch names nearly 100 years later so this new evidence is almost unbelievable! The case has been nicely polished and now has a beautiful finish once again, looks simply fantastic! The corners of case do have some very minor wear spots but nothing that I would consider major. This simply means that somebody wore this Admiral Evans very often and loved wearing it. The enamel military dial on this watch is among the most desirable that Elgin ever produced, the Shadow Box Military Dial! The military dial is original to the watch as are the military style center reservoir hands. The enamel dial features a bright white face, shadow box numerals, an outer chapter of minute markers, the correct hands, sub-second hand at 6 o'clock and is signed "ELGIN USA" near the center. The original center reservoir hands have been re-lumed using Bergeon luminous material, they will glow in the dark once properly charged by sunlight. This historic and iconic Great War American Trench Watch has been fitted with a 14mm dark brown genuine leather strap that absolutely makes the watch! Take another look at picture number two again, this watch looks stunning on the wrist. It will have a bit of wear on it because I seriously could not resist wearing this one for a few days, can you blame me? It's kind of like Ferris Bueller and that Ferrari, if you had access to one would you just leave it in a garage? I think not! Here are the movement details: 1917 Elgin, 15 jewels, size 12s, serial number 20590637, grade 314. Take another look at the demaskeen design on the movement they just don't make them like this anymore! The case measures a whopping 53mm lug to lug, 43.5mm without the crown with a 13mm lug diameter. I just installed a brand new inner sleeve and stem on the crown tube, the crown now has a nice firm "pop", just as it should. A brand new glass crystal has also been installed using UV cement and a UV curing machine, looks fantastic. This watch is ready to be worn and shown off, it will surely get noticed! I put a lot of time and effort into this Elgin "Admiral Evans", I'm sure that you will appreciate the quality and quantity of work that has been done. Solid old World craftsmanship at it's finest! Chances are that you will NEVER see another one of these genuine size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watches again in your lifetime, this watch is truly that rare! I've been doing this for a long time now, I've even wrote two books about trench watches and I can honestly say that this is the rarest trench watch that I have ever seen, it seriously has NO EQUAL! No other trench watch even comes close! This watch will be prominently featured in my next book about trench watches!

1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch
1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch
1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch1917 WWI Size 12s Elgin "Admiral Evans" Trench Watch
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