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The VERY Desirable GIANT Size 6s Elgin Trench Watches, 38mm

The of the most desirable (and expensive) American Trench Watches is the GIANT 38mm Size 6s. These watches are prized both for their beauty and their unusually large size. Most American Trench Watches of the Great War were much smaller, they were a size 3/0s or a 0s. These two sizes ranged from 31mm up to 33mm going across without counting the crown. A giant size 6s trench watch measures 37mm up to 40mm across making it highly sought after by collectors. The three main watch case manufacturers that provided cases for size 6s movements were The Illinois Watch Case Company, The Philadelphia Watch Case Company and the Bates & Bacon Watch Case Company. The Bates & Bacon version only came in 14k yellow gold fill and was their "ROYAL" series. The Philadelphia cases were only manufactured out of Silverode. Silverode is a nickel alloy consisting of nickel, copper, manganese and possibly zinc. The Illinois size 6s trench watch cases were made of solid nickel. Out of all of these cases I would have to say that the rarest one by far is the Illinois case that is semi-hermetic with swivel lugs, these are VERY hard to obtain! I am currently restoring a size 6s 1917 Elgin Trench Watch with one of the Illinois semi-hermetic cases with swivel lugs, I should be done with it in about a month or so. This watch can be seen in the last three pictures, still working on it so these pictures show it unrestored. (update, 4-3-2012 it's now completed). Manufacturing numbers for the size 6s cases are not available but I can tell you that they made far fewer of them compared to the size 3/0s and 0s, probably around 90% fewer. Below are the size 6s trench watches that I have restored, it's less than 10, remember these are VERY hard to come by so the number is small. Out of the watches pictured below I would have to say that the RED XII size 6s trench watch has the rarest dial, it's almost impossible to obtain, especially in mint condition like this one! Prices for size 6s American Trench Watches in this excellent condition range from $1,000.00 up to $1,300.00 fully restored. A Size 6s Elgin Trench Watch with the correct year movement, an Illinois Semi-Hermetic Case, Swivel Lugs, the correct Military Dial and Hands will go for $1,500.00 up to $2,000.00.
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