LRF Antique Watches - Specializing in Elgin Trench Watches & Waltham Trench Watches
LRF Antique Watches does buy WWI American Trench Watches such as Elgin Trench Watch, Waltham Trench Watch, Illinois Trench Watch and Hampden Trench Watch. I am also interested in buying American transition pieces that have a cushion or round case with regular and ornate dials. Upon occasion I will buy some Swiss brands like Omega and Rolex. I also buy Shrapnel Guards and WWI American enamel military dials & movements.
I will need SEVERAL high resolution pictures of your trench watch. Take pictures of the dial, case back and some side views. If you have never taken a case back off of a watch before please do NOT try! 
Please describe your trench watch to me as best you can. Is the watch running? How is the timing? What is the condition of the case? I do buy watches that are broken, pretty rough looking and beat up so if yours has seen better days I'd still like to take a look!
I do buy entire collections so if you have a lot to sell that would be great!
Please use the "contact us" form and be sure to include a correct email address along with your name. I will then return your message and you can send me your pictures of what you have for sale.
Upon receiving your pictures and item description I will access what you have and possibly make an offer to buy your watch. At that point its up to you.   
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