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Sorry, no guards for sale at this time.

When choosing a Shrapnel Guard for your trench watch the MOST important thing is checking to make sure that you are buying the correct size. The EXACT dimensions of these guards will be listed. I know that many of you simply collect the guards so size will not matter. Think about getting one of these guards now for future trench watch acquisitions or future projects. No returns will be accepted on Shrapnel Guards.

Pictured above are two FAKE Shrapnel Guards ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
These are newly made counterfeits, they are NOT genuine antique shrapnel guards from the Great War. These are COPIES of the February 3, 1916 "pinwheel" design invented by Frank Farr, a Canadian national from Quebec. There are MANY shady dealers out there trying to pawn these off as genuine, they were recently made in CHINA. Ebay is flooded with these travesties. I have seen so many collectors taken in by these fakes only to find out down the road that they were ripped off with no recourse.
Avoid these like The Plague ! ! ! !
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